Ginger Body Balm By Go The Ginger People 1.6 Oz

  • Ginger Body Balm By Go The Ginger People 1.6 Oz
    Ginger Body Balm By Go The Ginger People 1.6 Oz
    Natural Beauty
    Go the Ginger People
    What It Does Deeply healing and vegan, GO Ginger Balm is formulated with a blend of actives working together to comfort irritated and damaged skin. This formula?s warming effect, combined with its ability to stimulate blood flow, relieves sore muscles. Rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers, it soothes skin and reduces swelling. Packed with moisturizing agents, it helps calm itchy dry skin. Stimulates & Relieves A healer for over 5,000 years, ginger is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent that helps speed the healing process of wounds. Its warming effect helps comfort aching muscles and joints. Heals Organic Tamanu, known as ?The Magical Oil,? is a potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-neuralgic. This impressive quartet of healing properties makes GO Ginger Balm the go-to product for healing wounds, comforting skin irritation, reducing swelling and relieving nerve pain. Moisturizes & Protects Organic cocoa seed butter, and organic Shea butter improve moisture balance and protect skin against the elements. Organic Carnauba wax, sourced from the leaves of the Brazilian Tree of Life, is vegan, hypo-allergenic and a powerful guardian against environmental damages.
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