Orbitape By Mercola 1 Each

  • Orbitape By Mercola 1 Each
    Orbitape By Mercola 1 Each
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    Ever struggle trying to take your own body measurements? Wrapping the tape measure around your bicep with one hand, trying to catch the dangling end? Struggle no more with this Body Mass Tape Measure. Now, one-handed measurements are a cinch. Latch the tape into its receptacle, slip your arm through, press the star button, and you have an exact measure ? first time and every time! The OrbiTape allows you to measure any part of your body quickly and easily with accurate results in the privacy of your home or office. Perfect for dieters and bodybuilders alike, the proprietary Constant Tension Technology applies even and consistent pressure at the push of a button for precision measurements. So precise, in fact, that the OrbiTape is the choice tape for bodybuilders and Armed Forces worldwide.
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