Ekotec Replacement Heads Soft Bristle By Fuchs 4 Pack

  • Ekotec Replacement Heads Soft Bristle By Fuchs 4 Pack
    Ekotec Replacement Heads Soft Bristle By Fuchs 4 Pack
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    Fuchs Ekotec4 Replacement Heads Soft Bristle is another example of Fuchs' commitment to world leadership in dental technology. The Ekotec Toothbrush represents the ultimate merger of superior dental care with environmental awareness. The Eko Tec bristle field is compact, in keeping with the latest trends and advances in European dentistry, to ensure easy access to all areas of the mouth. You get three heads with your first purchase and four heads with each replacement pack, so you should always have some on hand. Better replacement habits mean better care of your teeth and gums. By using EkoTec, you can always achieve optimum care levels for your teeth and gums by disposing worn-out toothbrushes before they harm your dental health. The replaceable head also has several additional advantages. First, it saves you money. When the head wears out, you only pay for the replacement heads, rather than for a whole new toothbrush. Second, it's good for the planet. By cutting down on the number of handles repeatedly thrown away, you can help alleviate problems of landfill overflow and waste disposal in your local environment. All EkoTec toothbrushes come with three replacement heads; when these have worn out, you may continue to purchase convenient EkoTec Replacement Head Packs until it is finally time for a new handle. Third, EkoTec is hygienic. Any toothbrush will become less effective over time, due to deterioration of bristles and the buildup of bacteria. Dentists tell you to change toothbrushes every 4-6 weeks. It is particularly important to replace a germ-filled toothbrush after a bout with the cold or flu; this helps avoid reinfection during your recovery. However, few people actually keep to this schedule They forget to get new toothbrushes or fail to keep a reserve supply on hand. With EkoTec, however, replacing a toothbrush is easy: you just pop out the old head, pop in the new one, and brush! If you look carefully at all Fuchs toothbrushes you will also see that they contain a very dense bristle field, a feature found only on the world's highest quality toothbrushes. This density prolongs the life of the toothbrush as well as providing a more effective brushing action. Despite this superior quality, Fuchs nylon brushes are very competitively priced. It's a little-known fact that the primary benefits of good dental care are obtained mainly from correct brushing itself, rather than from special toothpaste or rinses. From toddler to senior, everyone's teeth grow and change; each stage requires different toothbrush technology to produce optimal results. As a leader in dental care, Fuchs has developed a wide range of brush styles and sizes to meet every consumer need and preference. Fuchs is the only major dental care company that has developed lines of both natural and nylon bristles. Each type has its own unique benefits. Make Fuchs toothbrushes a part of your dental-care future. The cost of dental care is going up enormously in this country; even
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