Natures Lining By Lane Labs 60 Tablets

  • Natures Lining By Lane Labs 60 Tablets
    Natures Lining By Lane Labs 60 Tablets
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    Lane Labs
    Lane Labs Natures Lining is a chewable tablet, which eases occasional gastric discomfort by helping to strengthen the mucous lining that protects the stomach wall from highly acidic gastric fluids When spicy foods, strong drink, or stress tie your stomach in knots, your first impulse is to try to neutralize that burning acid. But that?s not such a good idea. Your stomach needs acid to digest your food, and in the long run, suppressing that acid is not a good thing. In nature's Lining, LaneLabs has discovered a different way to quench the fire. This natural dietary supplement does not interfere with acid production. Instead, it strengthens the mucous lining that helps protect your stomach wall from those highly acidic fluids that can cause occasional gastric discomfort. The fact is, your stomach needs to be acidic At any given time, cells in your stomach wall are doing three different things. While some cells are busy building that mucous barrier, other cells are producing pepsinogen and hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid has two functions: it turns pepsinogen into pepsin ? the enzyme that digests protein ? and it destroys bacteria, keeping your stomach sterile. Without acid, pepsinogen would not become pepsin, and your proteins would not get digested. That?s why, instead of trying to neutralize the acid, you really just need to help reinforce those mucous-producing cells in the stomach lining to keep the mucous barrier strong. If stomach acid is ok, why does it bother me so much? The fluid in your stomach is so corrosive it can turn a steak into a soup of amino acids in a matter of hours. But as long as the mucous-forming cells are doing their job, your stomach lining is well protected. But once in a while their mucous production fails to keep up with what?s going on in your stomach. When this happens, gastric acid may come in direct contact with the stomach wall, causing occasional gastric discomfort. Spicy foods, coffee, overeating, drinking alcohol and smoking can all add to your discomfort. The answer is simple: Take nature's lining Patented nature's Lining is a chewable tablet which helps strengthen the mucous lining and support healthy stomach tissue growth. Clinical research has shown positive results in only eight weeks, and many users report good results in as little as 3 weeks.
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