Deyarko Water Bottle By U-turn 2 Tap 16 Oz.

  • Deyarko Water Bottle By U-turn 2 Tap 16 Oz.
    Deyarko Water Bottle By U-turn 2 Tap 16 Oz.
    Water Bottles
    U turn 2 Tap
    Deyarko brown with Stitch's BFF Deyarko ~ 16oz 304 food grade stainless steel Stainless steel loop top and BPA free sports cap included with purchase. Design: Deyarko is part of U-TURN's Stitch Bunny & Friends series done by artist Ali Sabet. Ali Sabet is an contemporary artist, character designer and branding consultant. He's been doodling since he was 3 years old and feels blessed that he earns a living drawing pretty pictures for people. The beauty of art and design is that you can deeply impact peoples lives on a daily basis. That's exactly the reason why I feel artists have a big social responsibility in making sure how they use their talents. I enjoy expressing myself through my work by exploring the light and the dark. The most important part of my expressions is based in authenticity. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to explore this creative universe every day. Ali Sabet Sabet's award winning work has been featured in design books such as Logo Lounge, magazines like GQ, NY Time Square and at The Los Angeles Contemporary Meuseum of Arts (LACMA).
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