Fast Action H.a. Super Formula By Purity Products 60 Tablets

  • Fast Action H.a. Super Formula By Purity Products 60 Tablets
    Fast Action H.a. Super Formula By Purity Products 60 Tablets
    Anti aging
    Purity Products
    Helps promote same-day joint comfort Promotes normal shock-absorbing capacity of joints Maintains the normal structure and function of joints Promotes Joint Comfort in as Little as Two Hours For people who want even faster results from their joint supplement, Purity proudly introduces Fast Action H.A. -- our most advanced HA formula ever. The cornerstone of this formula is Hyaluronic Acid or H.A., but that's only the beginning. In addition to H.A., the cutting edge ingredient Perluxan (a clinically tested extract from hops) has also been added for its ability to support joint comfort. One of our best selling joint support ingredients, H.A. is often called "the molecule of youth" because our body produces it in abundance when we?re young. That?s why young people enjoy supple, flexible joints and youthful skin. Unfortunately, bodily HA production slows down as we age. The good news is that supplementing with HA can help preserve and maintain active, healthy and flexible joints. Perluxan - A Clinically Tested Ingredient that Helps Support Normal Joint Comfort in as Little as 2 Hours To help better understand the evolution of Perluxan it is important to note that, during the late 1990?s, a handful of research companies began looking for natural ways to specifically support joint health and promote normal joint comfort. Extensive literature reviews of 230 botanicals in combination with a state-of-the-art screening assay, determined the overall effectiveness of various active agents extracted from plants. The early botanical cell assays yielded about 20 candidates, and these herbal finalists participated in a series of proof-of-principle studies to investigate their potential of eventually becoming a natural, efficacious natural product used to maintain comfort in the joints. Of those 20 prospects, one ingredient was identified as having the highest chance of success. This ingredient, a standardized extract of hops previously known for its antioxidant properties, was subsequently tested at the respected William Harvey Institute in the U.K. using the gold-standard William Harvey Whole Blood Assay. This ingredient was Perluxan. Perluxan is a proprietary extract of Hops (Humulus lupulus L.), an herb traditionally used for centuries. Researchers have discovered that Hops contains natural components called alpha acids which may help benefit joints. Perluxan is standardized to contain 30 percent alpha acids using state-of-the art extraction technology. Perluxan has been clinically tested in human studies performed at the renowned William Harvey Institute, Royal London School of Medicine in the United Kingdom. Perluxan may be free of the sleep-inducing effects of ordinary Hops. Perluxan has been shown to work gently with the body?s natural biochemistry that keeps joints in their normal state of comfort and healthy function. Using the gold standard, William Harvey Whole Blood Assay, researchers observed that alpha acids are strong antioxidants that may effecti
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