Deep Sleep By Nutrirain 1oz.

  • Deep Sleep By Nutrirain 1oz.
    Deep Sleep By Nutrirain 1oz.
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    Improves Sleep Quality and Duration. It is Relaxing, Soothing and Calming Fast Acting due to Maximum Absorption Capability 100% Pure plant based! No synthetic substitutes Superior value with 70 servings per spray dispenser Convenient, easy-to-use, travels anywhere and is pleasent tasting Wake refreshed, invigorated and ready for a productive day! Sleep is no less important than food, drink, or the air we breath. Although this may seem apparent, many do not get the critical sleep needed to function properly. The quality of sleep achieved determines if we are alert or drowsy, relaxed or stressed and that in turn can affect temperament, learning, social behavior, productivity and overall state of health. Modern science has discovered Delta Sleep. This is the fourth and most restorative stage of sleep portrayed by increased delta waves. NutriRain's Sleep formula was developed to promote this vital stage of the sleep cycle. It provides support for improved overall sleep quality and duration as nature intended. NutriRain's Delta Sleep, formerly known as Deep Sleep, is professionally blended with herbs known historically for their sedative, soothing and calming properties. A key to the unique effectiveness of our Sleep Formula is our fresh Valerian root. It is extracted within hours of harvesting using our proprietary cold percolation process for peak purity and potency. Dry Valerian found in most sleep products will calm nerves but fresh Valerian provides a broader application of benefits that include effectively supporting improved sleep quality, relaxation and relief from stress. This is why our Sleep Formula is so effective and popular. Delta Sleep is 100% natural, pure and safe. It does not contain synthetic or chemical compounds that could be harmful or lead to undesirable side effects such as OTC, prescription or synthetic Melatonin can produce. This liquid herbal extract formula delivered ,with our oral spray dispenser, provides a fast-acting supplement that is pleasant tasting and convenient to use. Join those who are rediscovering a great night's sleep! Delta Sleep is a pleasant tasting, pure herbal extract from wildcrafted plants for purity and potency. Using our metered oral spray dispenser provides accurate dosing, maximum absorption, fast acting ingredients and a superior value (70 doses). It is safe, drug free and not habit forming so you wake up feeling refreshed and alert, not lethargic, groggy or tired.
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