Stevia Plus Shaker Bottle By Sweetleaf Stevia 4oz.

  • Stevia Plus Shaker Bottle By Sweetleaf Stevia 4oz.
    Stevia Plus Shaker Bottle By Sweetleaf Stevia 4oz.
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    Sweetleaf Stevia
    This stevia extract is made only of the highest grade stevia leaves and cool purified water from leaf to packet. No chemicals, no alcohol, no addititves of any kind are used. Insulin is an all natural, soluble vegetable fiber that nourishes the good intestinal flora which promote digestive health and imporoved immune function. Sweetleaf Sweetener is a healthy choice for diabetics - and everyone else! #1 selling Stevia product in America Zero calories Zero glycemic All natural Stevia is a naturally sweet tasting, highly beneficial product that can be used in all beverages and foods. Convenient for preparing cereal or fruit and stable for both heating and freezing, Stevia is a unique and versatile product that does not have a bitter aftertaste. Stevia has a glycemic index of 0 and does not affect blood sugar. Safe for diabetics, it is 8-10 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is a small green plant native to Paraguay and provides the intense> sweetness for Stevia . Stevia also contains Frutafit Inulin Fiber (FOS), a functional food ingredient found in chicory, fruits and vegetables. Mildly sweet and zero calories per servings, FOS is a premium soluble fiber that selectively nourishes the friendly bacteria (lactobacillus and bifidobacteria) in the intestines. The increased number of these good bacteria will help gastrointestinal functions and may: Improve regularity Cleanse the colon Support liver health Assist and strengthen the immune system Help control the formation of free radicals
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