Miracle Whey Protein Powder Banana By Mercola 1 Lb

  • Miracle Whey Protein Powder Banana By Mercola 1 Lb
    Miracle Whey Protein Powder Banana By Mercola 1 Lb
    Meal Replacement
    The High-Quality Whey to Achieve Better Health After discovering how most whey protein powders just didn't live up to what your body really needs, Mercola knew they had to take everything they'd learned and create a winning whey protein powder. Miracle Whey is the result of years of development. Take a look at just a few of the benefits you'll receive when you supplement your daily diet with Miracle Whey: Made from all-natural grass fed cows' whey, providing more of nature's nutrients Is certified free of GMO ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals, protecting you from the damaging effects of chemicals and hormones Is cold processed, and never processed with acid chemicals, thereby retaining all its natural goodness Provides all key amino acids, so you get all the protein building blocks your body needs Retains maximum biological value with beneficial micronutrients intact Contains the highest concentration of leucine of any dairy product, said to increase energy levels and support building of muscle mass Contains water-soluble fiber, which supports healthy blood sugar levels* and prebiotic properties Contains 25% or more glycomacropeptides for immune support, high energy, muscle building and recovery after exercise Contains MCTs from all-natural coconut oil for easy digestion and fast energy Rich in glutamic acid and branch chain amino acids which aid muscle-building and recovery Contains all whey microfructures, immunoglobulins and lactoferins, promoting your healthy immune function and healthy flora balance No sugar, sugar alcohol or artificial sweeteners added that detract from the positive benefits of whey. Includes the same immuno compounds that are found naturally in human breast milk -- responsible for providing newborns with their immune defense Promotes satiety, so compulsive craving for refined carbs and sweets is curbed Comes in your choice of six delicious flavors with no aftertaste like some powders on the market. Available in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, banana and peanut butter (made from all-organic peanuts) Plus, Miracle Whey contains the much researched (and scientifically proven) beta glucans, so you can be sure that your immune system is getting the boost it needs. Beta glucans modulate your immune response. Most importantly, they don't over-stimulate your immune system like so many other products. And when it comes to concerns over heavy metal content, Miracle Whey comes through in flying colors. As a leading supplier of high quality grass fed cows' whey, we'd like to ensure you that our products are heavily tested and scrutinized to -- first and foremost -- ensure food safety.
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