Zoft Menopause Gum By Zoft Gum Company 12 Pieces

  • Zoft Menopause Gum By Zoft Gum Company 12 Pieces
    Zoft Menopause Gum By Zoft Gum Company 12 Pieces
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    Zoft Gum Company
    Zoft Menopause Gum contains a unique scientific blend of natural and powerful Dong Quai Root, Black Cohosh Root Extract, Damiana Leaf, and Mexican Wild Yam Root. These healthful ingredients have been used for centuries by the world?s indigenous cultures to relieve the pain and stress of menopause effectively. Dong Quai Root is one of the most important of the Chinese tonic herbs, used as a nourishing blood tonic to regulate the menstrual cycle. Dong Quai has been used for centuries by Asian healers to balance female hormones and to prevent the troublesome symptoms of menopause and PMS. Clinical research indicates that Dong Quai also contains antispasmodic compounds that help to relax muscle tissue. This explains the root?s effectiveness in treating menstrual cramps. Now?for the FIRST TIME?YOU can have the power of the leading natural formula in Zoft Menopause Gum. Best of all, Zoft Menopause Gum leads to none of the harsh side-effects associated with expensive prescription drugs. Zoft Menopause Gum requires no prescription and is easily affordable for everyone! What is Menopause? Menopause is the physiological cessation of menstruation associated with advancing age in species that experience such cycles. Menopause is sometimes referred to as change of life or climacteric. The average onset of menopause is 50.5 years, but some women enter menopause at a younger age, especially if they have had a serious illness and undergone chemotherapy. Premature menopause (or premature ovarian failure) occurs in 1% of women and is defined as menopause occurring before the age of 40. Other causes of premature menopause include autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, and diabetes mellitus. Premature menopause is diagnosed by measuring levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH); the levels of these hormones will be higher if menopause has occurred. Rates of premature menopause have been found to be significantly higher in both fraternal and identical twins; approximately 5% of twins reach menopause before the age of 40. The reasons for this are not completely understood. Transplants of ovarian tissue between identical twins have been successful in restoring fertility. Post-menopausal women, especially Caucasian women of European descent, are at increased risk of osteoporosis. One reason for this risk is the dramatic change in female sex hormone levels that occurs. Because these hormones play a major role in female skeletal development, changes lead to an accelerated rate of bone mass loss. Amazing Zoft Menopause Gum is herbal, natural, and works FAST to relieve the troublesome symptoms of menopause. Feel better, start enjoying life again, and do a BIG favor for your overall health. Get YOUR supply of safe and effective Zoft Menopause Gum NOW! Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, chew two to six pieces of gum daily. Ingredients: Proprieary Blend: Dong Quai Root, Black Cohosh Root, Damiana Leaf, Wild Yam Extract, Sorbitol, Gum Base,
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