Age Defy-ance Serum By Purity Products .5 Ounces

  • Age Defy-ance Serum By Purity Products .5 Ounces
    Age Defy-ance Serum By Purity Products .5 Ounces
    Anti aging
    Purity Products
    Age Defy-ance Serum - Featuring Coenzyme Q10 and Lutein Helps You Enjoy: Improved skin hydration by 40% and skin elasticity by 21% Reduced fine lines, laugh lines and wrinkles A brighter, healthier skin tone Moist, supple, beautifully well-nourished skin A more youthful, radiant complexion Skin that resists environmental damage from surface radicals The Skin Supporting Power of CoQ10 CoQ10, one of the most well-researched nutritional supplements available, is now recognized as one of the most powerful topical skin-enhancing ingredients known to cosmetic science. This powerful antioxidant works to protect the skin¡¯s surface from damaging environmental radicals found in smog, smoke and other chemicals in the air. As we age, CoQ10 levels in the epidermis steadily decline, leaving our cells more prone to free radical damage and the relentless progression of the visible signs of skin aging. Rejuvenating and Enhancing the Appearance of Photo-Aged Skin Studies have shown that topical application of CoQ10 can dramatically fight wrinkles (especially crow¡¯s feet) and fine lines around the eyes. In particular, accumulating evidence strongly suggests that topical CoQ10 supplementation is effective in rejuvenating and enhancing the appearance of photo-aged skin. Our Age Defy-ance is the ultimate topical counterpart to our line of CoQ10 nutritional supplements. Lutein May Help Protect Your Skin from the Damaging Effects of the Sun Many people recognize lutein as a supplement important for eye health. The light-filtering ability of lutein, coupled with its antioxidant qualities has been researched and shown to have a protective effect not just when taken orally, but also when used topically. Researchers have shown lutein is also deposited throughout human skin, delivering multi-faceted activity, including antioxidant benefits, to skin cells. Lutein provides photo-protective support to our eyes and skin - the only organs of the body directly exposed to the outside environment. Lutein is also beneficial to the skin because it may help improve skin hydration and elasticity. In a 12-week clinical study, lutein, applied topically improved skin hydration by 40% and skin elasticity by 21%.
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