Life Start Dairy Probiotic Powder By Natren 2.5oz.

  • Life Start Dairy Probiotic Powder By Natren 2.5oz.
    Life Start Dairy Probiotic Powder By Natren 2.5oz.
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    Natren Life Start Dairy is a probiotic product designed specifically for infants. Life Start is made with Bifidobacterium infantis, the beneficial bacteria which is most prominent in infants. Beneficial bacteria are important for people of all ages, including infants. Babies born vaginally to healthy mothers receive their initial supply of beneficial bacteria on their passage through the birth canal. It is important for infants to continue getting beneficial bacteria to help them develop healthy bodies. Using Life Start stimulates better weight gain through nitrogen retention, which is especially important for formula-fed infants. This bacteria encourages the formation of antibodies against undesirable bacteria and viruses. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also take Life Start along with their regular regimen of Healthy Trinity in order to give their baby the best start possible. Mothers on a course of antibiotics who are also breast-feeding their babies should give their babies Life Start when beginning their antibiotic course. It is especially important to give Life Start to babies delivered in hospital rooms or especially by caesarean section, since they don't have the advantage of getting the beneficial bacteria from their mother as they pass through the birth canal. Even breast-fed babies need the advantage Life Start can offer, to encourage the optimal health of the baby.
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