Alkamate Alkalizing Water Bottle Silver By Healthier Life 4 You 13 Oz 410 Ml

  • Alkamate Alkalizing Water Bottle Silver By Healthier Life 4 You 13 Oz 410 Ml
    Alkamate Alkalizing Water Bottle Silver By Healthier Life 4 You 13 Oz 410 Ml
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    Healthier Life 4 You
    Simply fill, shake, & drink healthier alkaline water in just 15 minutes! Includes: (1) AlkaMate Bottle (1) Carrying Case (2) Filters* *Filters last at least 500L or roughly 6 months A new breakthrough in nanotechnology that combines the healing wonders of mineral stones and the life-giving elements of Alkaline Water. AlkaMate ? provides bottled alkaline water and has micro-electrolytic properties that raises the pH level in drinking water?for a more energized and healthier you! You will be amazed that by simply restoring your body?s natural balance, you can improve your health! Benefits of Ionised Water: Effective for sports and pets Increase your energy Boost your immune system Balance your body?s pH to restore electrolytes Lowers blood sugar in diabetics Lose weight and keep it off Lower cholesterol and blood pressure Assures proper hydration Portable & Convenient Easy to travel with Improves your lifestyle! The Science behind the bottled alkaline water and how it refreshes you and your love ones lives: The right pH level in your body is necessary for optimal health. The chemical reaction that results from these essential minerals and acidic H2O helps in increasing the electrolytes needed by the major organs in our body to maintain normal levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other dietary minerals. Alkalizing your drinking water instantly with the AlkaMate alkalizer balances your body?s electrolytes to give you increased energy and a healthier body! Frequently Asked Questions: 1) How long will my AlkaMate Ionised Water Filter Last? A: Your AlkaMate filters will about 500L or 6 months. 2) How do I clean my AlkaMate Water Ioniser? A: Remove your filter and pour boiling hot water in the AlkaMate almost full. Then add a tablespoon of white vinegar to soak for 1 hour. Then Rinse thoroughly with hot or boiling water and leave to dry. 3) Do I have to boil water before pouring into the AlkaMate Water Ioniser? A: For first time use, we ask you to pour boiling hot water in the AlkaMate to active the minerals and for sanitary reasons. Then you may use tap or filtered water ongoing. 4) How long should I leave the water in the AlkaMate before it is alkalized? A: It best to leave the water in the AlkaMate for at least 15 minutes. 5) How long can I leave the water in my AlkaMate before it becomes too alkalized? A: It?s best not to leave the water in for more then 4-6 hours as depending on the water quality. Longer then this can can the pH of the water to be too high. 6) When I am not using my AlkaMate what do I do with it? A: It is best to rinse the AlkaMate very well with hot or boiling water and leave to dry with the lip off. 7) Can I put hot or cold water in the AlkaMate water ioniser? A: Yes, the AlkaMate is double walled and will keep your water hot or cold. 8 ) Can I make coffee or tea with the AlkaMate alkalized water? A: Yes, you can use the water from the AlkaMate to make your tea or coffee, we actually recommend. Be sure not to make t
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