Opticv Total Cellular Health By Opticv 13.5 Oz.

  • Opticv Total Cellular Health By Opticv 13.5 Oz.
    Opticv Total Cellular Health By Opticv 13.5 Oz.
    Natural Healing
    OptiCV is a revolutionary new dietary supplement that impacts the part of cells responsible for repair, rejuvenation and longevity: mitochondria. Most diets are seriously deficient in mitochondrial nutrients, or M-nutrients. Without M-nutrients, mitochondria can?t support normal: Blood sugar / pressure Joint movement Weight management Mental focus Skin health Immune strength Nutrient transport into the cell Genetic expression (longevity factors) Mitochondria create liquid energy (ATP) for maximum cellular function, and like batteries in cell phones, they need to be recharged daily. OptiCV can help support and reenergize the mitochondria so you can live you life to its fullest. The main ingredients are rice glycopeptides. Through a proprietary process, glycopeptides from different species of brown rice are broken down into small units of bioactive complex carbohydrates that are bound naturally to proteins and a high concentration of hydrogen protons. The molecular form and size of the glycopeptides, along with the high concentrations of hydrogen protons, are the perfect fuel for mitochondria to quickly make ATP for maximum muscle contraction and performance. This increase in ATP, along with the high concentration of glycopeptides, also can be used by the body to quickly and safely repair and regenerate sick and injured tissue. These glycopeptides are key ingredients in joint health. They'represent critical building blocks that interlock with other sugars, fats and proteins to coat joint surfaces. Cartilage, which is built from these substances, cushions joints from the bone-pounding forces created by walking, running and jumping. The greater the force or intensity of the activity, the more nutrients the body needs to keep the joints healthy. Some of these specialized proteins or glycopeptides create the power and flexible interlocking of muscles, tendons, bones and connective tissue. If the body is malnourished, it can?t produce these specialized protein sugars in proper amounts for daily maintenance, and a person who is sick or injured needs an extra amount to speed up the healing process. Other nutrients in OptiCV are: Cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom that contains high levels of glycoproteins called beta glucans. Because beta glucans are large molecules, OptiCV contains beta glucans from cordyceps sinensis that have gone through the micronized process to enhance their bioavailability. Beta glucans are powerful immune stimulators, activating macrophages in the immune system. Keep in mind that macrophages are our immune system's first line of defense against viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections. In addition, macrophages play a major role in recognizing and eliminating aberrant (cancerous) cells from the body. There have been more than 1,000 research papers on beta glucans since the 1960s. Research backed by prestigious institutions such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Harvard, Tulane, Baylor, McGill, University of Californi
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